Argos Brivido Della Caccia Edp 100 ml

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The Argos Italian line of bottles signifies the entrance of the Argos Fragrance house entry into the nuanced luxury niche fragrance market. Our new Italian line of luxury fragrances require a custom bottle and cap design worthy of our next generation of premium fragrances. Our beautiful Fragrances not only steal your heart but also captivate the mind and stimulate the sense of smell.

Like a Greek column, atop the Argos bottle sits a custom metal cap with the Argos logo peering out. Gold and Silver metal caps with debossed lettering and logo are made with the finest craftsmanship. Our new bottles and metal caps will entice your senses of sight and touch.

Embossed lettering on the new Italian glass bottle is easily felt.

A perfectly flush mounted 3D artwork plate, custom-designed by creator Christian Petrovich himself is permanently affixed to the front of each bottle. Each artwork not only clearly states the name of the fragrance but displays artwork unique to each new fragrance.

Each beautiful scent creation is protected by thick, Italian made, hand-polished glass that shines like crystal.

Created: 2019

Perfumer: Christian Petrovich

Olfactive Group: Oriental & Woody

Style: Opulent & Unisex

Brand: Argos
Size: 100 ml
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Represented by the Greek goddess Artemis. The goddess was known as the goddess of the wilderness, wild animals, childbirth, and chastity. Artemis was also known as the goddess of the hunt and was very short-tempered. On one occasion the goddess of chastity became infuriated that a mortal had happened upon her while bathing in the woods. She hastily turns the hunter into a stag, and he is quickly chased down by his own hounds and ripped apart.

Wildly romantic yet strikingly refined and elegant. Argos Brivido Della Caccia unfolds with an enigmatic composition of Juniper Berries, Mate Absolute, Oriental Tonka Bean Absolute, and Rich Amber. An animalistic fragrance with accents of Supple Leather and Birch Wood that is as equally bold as it is romantic.

Crystal embellishments on bottles may vary in size, color, and availability.

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