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We are your point of sale in Central Asia

The House of Fragrance owns multiple chain of modern and safe stocks in most required cities of Central Asian Countries, which includes many niche and ‘hard-to-find’ brands. Over our 15 years of experience serving multiple countries, cultures and regions, we have established a great customer service, supply chain management and stock management over our chain of branches in various countries, therefore, be sure that reliable hands will handle your orders.

We talk a lot of scents

We’ve been working in the niche fragrance industry for more than sixty years, so we know the value of personal touch. We’re a fragrance house,  with people whom are passionate about perfume.

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Perfume Is A Language

Together we will help you get fluent with niche and unique perfumes. All you need to do is choose House of Fragrance for your business.

Premium Products

The House of Fragrance offers you premium products.

Professional team

You will be dealing with professional team

Niche brands

We have selected the most unique brands for you


What we are good at?

We at The House of Fragrance are trying to be the best in every aspect but these are well known for:

Trusted distributor

Thust always comes from personal experience

Competitive pricing

Who says you can't have both quality and fair pricing

Business efficiency

An efficient business has helped us gain the market trust


Your personal style matters, make sure its reflected in the makeup you wear.

We are not just about fragrances. We are pleased to present you some of the finest cosmetics brands.

What our clients think of us!

Every company is known with the reviews they get. We have gathered some of the recent reviews.

Doing Business with “THE HOUSE OF FRAGRANCE” was one of best decision I have ever made.

Sirgie Ivanov

Sirgie Ivanov

We were looking for a trusted supplier and we got what we were looking for. Amazing people with good faith.

Jean Markowitz

Jean Markowitz

Oh my goodness these people are really professional. They know how to get the job done efficiently.

Alisher Osmanov

Alisher Osmanov

I have heard a lot about them and I really wanted to do business with them. I can say now that am satisfied.

Dorothy Cobb

Dorothy Cobb

Our Partners

We are in collaboration with some of hard to find niche brands that exist in the planet. Our main goal is to present you the impossible.

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