Miller Harris Lumiere Doree edp 50-100ml

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A relaxed summer afternoon, lazily lying under a beautiful orange tree in full bloom. The early sunshine, dipped in gold. An energising shower of light filtered through the branches of an orange tree. All the magical fragrances that the tree can offer, spiced, woody petigrain, and fresh honeyed neroli As you inhale the fragrant bouquet and feel the soft warm sunshine you feel perfectly relaxed and happy.

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Lumière Dorée is intoxicatingly fresh, summery and unisex fragrance, balancing both sides of neroli: zingy floralcy with the intensity of the white blossom. Energising sunshine, filtered through the branches of the orange tree. A perfume that tells the story of neroli, steam-distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange. Lifted by shimmering bergamot, the captivating bloom is paired with hypnotic jasmine. The petitgrain, taken from the same tree as the flower is also used to provide a woody-herbaceous undertone that offers depth and long lasting dry down. The luminous backdrop of soft amber and clean musks carries the freshness throughout the day.

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