Dusita Erawan Edp 50 ml

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Erawan received the 1st prize FIFI Awards Breakthrough Fragrance of the Year in November 2018 in Moscow.


Erawan is a voyage into the autumn wood with a Thai elephant. A never-ending adventure and discovery.

Brand: Dusita
Size: 50 ml
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Olfactive Notes

The Opening,
Crisp, green herbal fragrance stirs the senses

and blends, in enervating harmony,

with fresh floral,

citral notes of Petitgrain from the bitter orange tree.

At the Heart,
A subtle, soft Muguet Accord with earthy Haitian Vetiver,

while uplifting Hay Absolute, “a liquid summer’s day ”,

delivers a sublime blend of sunshine,

wood, moss, tobacco and fresh-cut hay.

Coumarinic Liatrix reinforces this rich, earthy blend,

while the intimate scent of Clary Sage,

softens and sweetens the accord.

The Base Notes,
Tenacious and aromatic fixatives ensure a long,

sensual dry-down.
Cederwood’s spicy – resinous scent combines

with classic earthy, green, Oakmoss.

They are uplifted by the smooth balsamic richness of

increasingly rare Vanilla Absolute.

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