Luxury Malaga Edp 100 ml

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Top notes: sweet orange, lemon, violet, freesia, cyclamen.

Middle notes: jasmine, lace, white lily, heliotrope.

Base notes: Vanilla, white musk, sandalwood, patchouli.

Brand: Morph
Size: 100 ml
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On that hot August night, Malaga was bathed in the seductive aromas of fruit, wine and spices and the strains of Arabic music. The city was more lively than ever, animated with dances, colours, sounds and fragrant notes. Luke and Michelle were looking at each other through the crowd of tourists. They felt the need for an unplanned holiday to rediscover each other. At one point, a young gypsy woman approaches the two offering Michelle a souvenir, then she goes unnoticed. The two set off on her trail following the narrow streets, but the search proved in vain. Michelle received a box decorated with stones and flowers as a gift. Opening the box, Luke found inside a gleaming bottle filled with the scent of Malaga…a mesmerizing blend of fruit, wine and tobacco aromas unlike any other scent he had ever smelled. The scent immediately spread through the streets of the city and the beach, awakening magical emotions in the souls of people who came to have fun. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appeared, the tourists left. Feeling they belonged here, Luke and Michelle stayed in Malaga. It had become their soul’s home forever. Morph has recreated the exotic fragrance given to women by the young gypsy, a unique blend of natural ingredients that lingers for a long time on the skin and in the hearts of those who choose it.

Malaga takes you to the holiday, the sea, the colours, the sounds and the fragrant notes..

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