Luxury Pure Soul Edp 100 ml

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Top notes: fresh accents, bergamot, lemon.

Middle notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Ylang Ylang.

Base notes: Talc, tonka bean, white musk.

Brand: Morph
Size: 100 ml
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I was 16 when I met Margot in her parents’ café in Provence. She looked at me with her green eyes and served me coffee and a cinnamon praline. I was surprised by the way he simply guessed what I wanted to order. I started going to the café every day and every time Margot read my thoughts: mint tea, English muffin with blueberries, a glass of red wine, etc. My name is Frederic. I don’t work as a stylist now, but at the time my career was on the upswing and I realized I could take advantage of Margo’s way of reading everyone’s mind. We opened our first workshop together, which was an immediate success. Margot understood that people needed a unique fragrance that represented them and we worked together to create the perfect scent. Perfume brought us fame and the money we dreamed of. But I could never read the thoughts of Margot, who simply disappeared from my life on a day like any other. She left behind a letter with cold words. She wrote that she had fallen in love with me at first sight, that she had loved me all these years and that she couldn’t stay with me as long as I didn’t feel the same way about her. Got it. At that time I hid the perfume in a drawer and have never opened it since. I’m on my way. Sometimes I miss her and imagine her enjoying her coffee in the kitchen. Margot is my biggest regret… Morph reproduced that magical elixir we created, infused with love and longing for her. The elegance and sweetness of this fragrance characterises a delicate, sensitive, empathetic soul. The pure soul hides easily among the notes of this fragrance.

Pure Soul, love, delicate and pure soul…

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