Miller Harris Dance Amongst The Lace edp 50-100ml

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Fresh and playful, an invigorating duo of mint blended with mouthwatering lime and zesty verbena, finish with a comforting mossy drydown of Haitian vetiver anchoring the scent with a woody, earthy base.

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Dance amongst the Lace captures the surprising freshness and unique scent of cow parsley, also known as Queen Anne’s Lace. Crisp notes surprise and interweave between the semi-shaded corners of sunny meadows and at the edges of hedgerows, in this joyous and nostalgic fragrance, brought to life with the scented velvety leaves of Geranium Bourbon.

Along with the rest of the FORAGE Range, which already includes LOST in the City, WANDER Through the Parks, this perfume explores how nature and the city co-exist and the surprises which can be discovered in London’s green spaces.

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