Noble Collection Cosmos Flower 50 ml

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A harmonious blend of lemon, caramel, and benzoin intertwine with the essence of natural cocoa, intense ylang-ylang, and sensual jasmine, breathing life into this warm and comforting perfume with a complexity of 223 ingredients.

Size: 50 ml
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At the top, a surprising burst of sparkling lemon adds an invigorating twist to this soft and fruity scent. Blossoming twice annually, the Cosmos Flower is revered as ‘the flower of love.’ To capture the decadent chocolatey scent of this delicate blossom, natural cocoa has been incorporated at the heart, lending a creamy and slightly bitter richness. For the base, the balsamic resin of Benzoin imparts a sweet and comforting aroma reminiscent of Vanilla.

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