SOMA 100 ml

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Experience the enchanting aroma of Soma, a warm perfume with a subtle fruity twist. The top notes of Tonka absolute and heliotrope welcome you with a captivating scent, while the heart notes of vanilla, caramel, and cocoa absolute offer a deliciously sweet touch. The base notes of rum CO2, labdanum absolute, and suede complete the fragrance with a warm and deep sensation. Inspired by the elixir of the gods in the Veda, Soma takes you on a spiritual journey of discovery beyond human consciousness. Its warm and caramelized fragrance transports you to sacred lands and celestial dimensions, leaving an unforgettable sensory experience. Order your bottle of Soma now to experience its captivating power.

Brand: Noeme
Size: 100 ml
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Top notes : Tonka absolute, heliotrope

Heart notes : Vanilla, caramel, cocoa absolute

Base notes : Rum CO2, labdanum absolute, suede

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