Jump Up & Kiss Me Ecstatic Feminine 50 ml

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An alluring and intoxicating blend, with a complexity of 219 ingredients, this white floral perfume is an embodiment of sultriness. It centres around the audacious tuberose, famously dubbed “The Fragrance of the Night” and a symbol of dangerous love.

Size: 50 ml
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Tuberose’s seductive aroma, known for its lingering powdery medicinal tones, takes the spotlight. At the outset, top notes of rose gracefully entwine with orange flower, climbing towards ylang-ylang and jasmine. Bitter Orange Bigarade, extracted from zest, adds vibrancy and enhances the white floral notes with its bittersweet character. The result is a sweetly intoxicating floral, underscored by the creamy essence of sandalwood, warm amber, and Tonka Bean in the base, promising ecstatic indulgence. Addictive Arts embraces groundbreaking perfume technology, pioneered by Clive Christian’s AddictiveFusion, employing headspace technology to capture unique molecules. This alchemical process, unique to the perfume house, defies imitation.

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