Liquides Imaginaires Buveur De Vent Edp 100 ml

200 $

Buveur de Vent is a fragrance born from the power of a wild stallion of light, created by a god from long ago. Its unique scent is inspired by the powerful leather of the saddle of this fabulous creature, which leaves a trail of fragrance as it passes. This fragrance exudes strength and glory, reflecting the faithful adornment of this mighty beast like no other. Let the fragrance of Buveur de Vent carry you away on a wild, powerful journey.

Size: 100 ml
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Embark on a fragrant journey from East to West, as scents and perfumes of Eastern origins made their way to the West and Asia through the trade routes of Arabian spice merchants. Discover the pivotal role of spices and perfumes in society, where their significance is beautifully reflected in the Arabic language with over 40 words dedicated to expressing the essence of “perfume.”

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