Noble Collection Immortelle 50 ml

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Affectionately referred to as the “everlasting flower” due to its unfading golden petals, the herbaceous immortelle harmoniously intertwines with juniper and fiery black pepper, rousing profound, hidden layers of Indian sandalwood, musky papyrus, and smoky vetiver amongst the complexity of 187 ingredients.

Size: 50 ml
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Bergamot, akin in aroma to that of sweet orange peel, imparts a fresh and invigorating fragrance. Native to the arid landscapes of Southern Europe, immortelle flourishes in dry, rocky, and sandy habitats, as well as along mountain slopes, maintaining its vibrant yellow blossoms even when dried. The complex base note of papyrus commences with hints of sweetness and salt, before eventually unveiling a dry, woody essence, bestowing an austere and tranquil nuance when used in fragrance.

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