Luxury Cruda Edp 100 ml

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Top notes: bergamot, cedar, black cumin.

Middle notes: Damask rose, cinnamon, clove.

Base notes: Amber, patchouli, cashmeran, labdanum, vanilla, musk, tonka bean.

Brand: Morph
Size: 100 ml
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There are moments in our lives that we live so intensely that they seem to transcend space and time. So is the story he tells about her, the woman whose name he doesn’t want to reveal, but still wears on his lips. A woman with a real identity, unique and perfect in her imperfection. The one woman he fell in love with. The only one who managed to rip his heart out of his chest and run away with it, touching his soul. in her presence he lost his identity and forgot the string of days and nights. He couldn’t remember who she was before he met her, he only remembered her perfume. He was living the most beautiful dream. That night she stood in front of him with no lipstick to cover the taste of her lips and no clothes to hide her body line. The most intense desires and the purest emotions he felt then, when all the barriers between their hot bodies disappeared. That night instinct overcame reason and the place of thought was taken by their touch. he simply craved her, her body and her scent. He couldn’t wait any longer, he didn’t want to wait any longer. After that night, other nights followed and each time she stood before him naked, pure, clean…raw. He reproduced her scent from memory. It’s the only memory he has left.

Cruda, the fragrance that unleashes the most intense desires, the purest emotions!

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