Original Collection X Feminine 50-100 ml

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Experience the allure of nature’s aphrodisiacs in a captivating perfume that pays homage to the legendary love of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. This seductive fragrance, with a complexity of 187, is enriched with the essence of Egyptian jasmine, channelling the passion of this iconic couple

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Mystique weaves through this floral chypre, where flirtatious notes of peach and rhubarb gracefully blend into the lush embrace of tuberose, kissed with a hint of sweet rum. A fragrant love story unfolds, guided by the harmonious interplay of Cashmere Musk and Jasmine. Crafted with exquisite finesse, the perfumer skillfully combines tinctures of Rhubarb and Peach with the vibrant accents of Mandarin and Bergamot. Jasmine, an age-old symbol of grace and elegance, is plucked before dawn and harmoniously blended with Rose, Orris, Narcissus, Lily of the Valley, and Tuberose, leading the senses to the heart of the Nile Delta. Indulge in the warmth of Vanilla and Cashmeran Musk, creating a sweet, voluptuous breeze that stirs the earthy undertones of Patchouli, Rum, and Sandalwood. Discover a fragrance that captures the essence of a timeless love story, in a bottle.

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